Wideband Breaking Point ! 5G is Coming to You Car Very Soon

Published On September 14, 2019

When you are driving in Budapest, hunger occupies your mind, a pub is easy to find, while parking is not. Now you turn to Uber map for help, you follow its instructions and look for it, but ironically you come to the entrance of a shopping mall. You, can't park.

But if you drive a 5G connected car (a cooperative product by Qualcomm and BMW), this mistake can be easily avoided. Because the ultrasonic sensor used in the BMW 5G car is updated in real-time. Moreover, it can also transmit traffic signs such as speed limits given by other vehicles through cruise control functions.

This is very important, because when you are driving on the road, it’s easy to miss the speed limit traffic signs because of the angle or the view is blocked by the leaves, in result a traffic ticket which will be sent to you a week later, but the cruise control based on 5G technology can respond quickly and slow down your car ahead of time.

Huge data processing ability and reaction speed are the key to BMW's success. 250 megabytes, which is just the amount of data BMW sends in mapping every year.

Another shocking fact is that your car needs to send up to 10 gigabytes of raw data every year to support the updating of this data real-time system.

To achieve this, the past 4G technology is nowhere near enough. The large bandwidth of 5G is needed to achieve this advanced data processing and connectivity.

Likewise, the main advantage of a wideband oxygen sensor over narrow-band oxygen sensor is also based on reaction speed and ability to distinguish the air-fuel ratio.

Just as 5G vehicle can accurately and rapidly identify actual road conditions to adjust vehicle driving, wideband oxygen sensor responds quickly to the change of air-fuel ratio to allow accurate fuel adjustments for changes in engine rpm and load.

Our oxygen sensor can respond as quickly as LSH oxygen sensor produced by BOSCH--- less than 150 milliseconds, and inactivation time of zirconium unit, we do better than BOSCH, their activation time is less than 25 seconds while we only take less than half the time.