Supercharged Weapon - F&S Always High Pressure Pump

Published On July 31, 2019

Chapter 1. Before the interview 

" The high-pressure injector who passed last week interview recommended his classmate, and this graduate confidently said that without him, the high-pressure injector would not work properly, I have no idea what gives him self-assurance?"---HR from OEM

"How confident a young person he is! We need him, why not give him a chance?" ----CEO of OEM 

Chapter2. F&S Always's personal resume

Chapter 3. Interview process (question and answer)

Q1: "what differs you from electric fuel pump in operating principle?"---the interviewer from OEM

A1: "If the engine is the heart of the car, the fuel injection system is like the blood circulation of the human body. No powerful engine can run without a smooth, Non-Flame-Retardant fuel system to burn gasoline fully. Unlike the human body, the engine needs an oil pump to supply "blood". For intake manifold injection (PFI), car-fanciers are familiar with it. With the development of automobile technology, the application of the GDI engine is more and more common. Almost all automobile companies are developing in-cylinder direct-injection technology, such as Volkswagen's 1.2T, 1.4T engine, Honda's Earth Dream, Mazda's Blue Sky self-priming 1.5L, 2.0L engine and so on. The heart hub of the direct injection system is the high-pressure oil pump."---F&S Always

Q2: "Your expertise has passed, but now many cities are gradually beginning to implement the "most stringent" national emission regulations which have never appeared in our country. Do you have the corresponding measures?"

A2: "The advantages of GDI engine are low fuel consumption and high power rise. The air-fuel ratio can reach 40:1, which is what people call "lean burn". The top half of the piston in the engine is spherical and the other half is the wall. After the air rushes in from the valve, a swirl motion is formed under the compression of the piston. When the compression stroke is about to end, the fuel injector at the top of the combustion chamber begins to inject oil. The mixture of gasoline and air forms under the action of swirl motion, which is a swirling mixture. The combination is hierarchical, the closer to the spark plug, the thicker, easy to ignite work.

The greatest advantage of direct injection design in the cylinder is that fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber at very high pressure. Therefore, besides the structure and position of nozzle, it is different from the traditional fuel supply system, and it is more excellent in the atomization and mixing efficiency of oil and gas. In addition, the control technology of various electronic systems on the vehicle has been greatly improved recently, and the computer interpretation and control of the intake and injection timing have become more accurate, which greatly improves the combustion efficiency of in-cylinder direct-injection engine. Not only can the engine generate more power, but also it is positive for environmental protection and energy-saving. At the same time, increasing rail pressure through high-pressure oil pump can increase the entrained air volume, fuel evaporation faster, oil droplets slip on the piston, thereby reducing PN emissions.

Finally, OEM "company" send a message to F&S Always as below:

"Our company needs young talents like you very much. We can rest assured of your salary and treatment. Looking forward to future cooperation and win-win situation!"